French Speciality Food Outlets, Paris & Ile-de-France

French Speciality Food Outlets - 59 Listings

  • Alleosse

    Family-owned cheese shop offering a large selection of cheeses aged in their own cellar. At 17 rue Poncelet (Arr 17) Metro: Ternes

  • Androuet

    Fine cheese shops in Paris, London and Stockholm.

  • Arnaud Delmontel

    Bakery with great Renaissance bread, pastries, biscuits and almond croissants. 39 rue des Martyrs (Arr 9). Metro: St-Georges.

  • Aux Merveilleux de Fred

    Boulangerie/patisserie specialising in special cakes. Open: Tuesday to Saturday 07:30-20:00 and Sunday 07:30-19:00. 129 bis rue Saint Charles (Arr 15). Metro:

  • Barthelemy

    This simple, old-fashioned-looking store supplies both the Elysee Palace and Matignon. Offers an extensive choice of local French cheeses, such as Mont d'Or from the Jura and brie de Malesherbes. At 51 rue de Grenelle (Arr 7) Metro: Rue du Bac

    • Tel: 01 45 48 56 75
  • Berthillon

    A gourmet landmark, Berthillon, the best French ice cream maker and its incredible assortment on Saint-Louis island. At 31 rue St Louis en l'Isle (Arr 4) Metro: Pont Marie

    • Tel: 01 43 54 31 61
  • Boulangerie de l'Ancienne Comedie

    French bakery open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At 10 rue de l'Ancienne-Comedie (Arr 6) Metro: Odeon

    • Tel: 01 43 26 89 72
  • Boulangerie Josephine

    Well established traditional boulangerie with delicatessen and restaurant/tea room located on the first floor. Open: Monday to Friday 07:00-19:00. 69 Avenue Marceau (Arr 16). Metro: George V.

  • Boutique Maille

    The Boutique Maille offers over thirty varieties of mustard, including flavors like apricot, blue cheese rose and walnut. Freshly prepared and also sold on tap. At 6 place de la Madeleine (Arr 8) Metro: Madeleine.

  • Butard Enescot

    Designs personalized receptions. Pavillon Royal Avenue de Suresnes Bois de Boulogne (Arr 16) Metro: Porte Dauphine

  • Caves Auge

    This wine shop, founded in 1850, is one of the oldest in Paris. Selection of wines and spirits with rare vintages. Professional advice. 116 blvd Haussmann (Arr 8). Metro: Saint-Augustin.

  • Caves Marcel Bossetti

    Wide selection of wines as well as Chartreuse and rare varietals. Open Monday to Saturday, 10:00 to 13:15 and 14:30 to 19:15. At 34 rue des Archives (Arr 4) Metro: Hotel de Ville.

  • Caviar House & Prunier

    This elegant restaurant and shop specialises in French caviar. Items on sale in the shop can be sampled upstairs at the Seafood bar. At 15 place de la Madeleine (Arr 8) Metro: Madeleine.

  • Chemins de Bretagne

    Shop spelling a wide range of speciality food and drink products from the French region of Brittany. Closed Sunday and Monday. 15 Rue de Prague (Arr 12). Metro: Ledru Rollin.

  • Comtesse du Barry

    Small grocery proposing traditional foies gras, cassoulets and confits. Nothing light... You can buy on their web site or in one of the 10 shops in Ile-de-France. Located at 8 place du Marche Neuf (78) St Germain en Laye

  • Cremerie Caves Miard

    Charming 1880 boutique stocked with great French wines that are low in sulphur, and fantastic rare Italian cheeses and charcuterie. All French regions, with an emphasis on Loire and Burgundy. 9 rue des Quatre-Vents (Arr 6) Metro: Odeon.

    • Tel: 01 43 29 11 62
  • Dalloyau

    This pastry temple opened in 1802. There is an extensive choice of pastries and chocolates. Many outlets in Paris, main address: At 101 rue du Faubourg St-Honore (Arr 8) Metro: Concorde

  • Du Pain et des Idees

    Old style French bakery, where the freshly baked and original goods are dispaleyed in wicker baskets. Open Monday to Friday 07:30 till 14:30 and 15:30 till 20:00. 43 rue Yves Toudic (Arr 10) Metro: Jacques Bensergent.

  • Ducs de Gascogne

    Gourmet food outlet with cassoulet, confit d'oie or foie gras entier mi-cuit. Iranian caviar, gaspacho with lobster and basil, bouillabaisse and the classic coq au vin. 111 rue St Antoine (Arr 4) Metro: St Paul.

  • Duval Traiteur

    French specialist delicatesson. 40 chemin Lateral BP5, Bagneux (92).

  • En Vrac

    Wine shop and cafe offering a range of natural wines from small producers. 2 rue de l’Olive (Arr 18). Metro: Marx Dormoy.

  • Galleries Lafayettes Gourmet

    The gourmet store of Galleries Lafayettes has an extensive selection of food and wine specialties from around the world. At 40 blvd Haussmann (Arr 9) Metro: Chausee d'Antin

    • Tel: 01 40 23 53 52
  • Gerard Mulot

    Patisserie specialising in macaroons. 76 rue de Seine, (Arr 6) Metro: Odeon.

  • Grande Epicerie de Paris — Le Bon Marche

    Le Bon Marche's food department has a large selection of food and drink: fresh produce, wine, spirits, cheese, cold meats, etc. It also provides catering services. Mon-Sat 8:30-21:00, 38 rue de Sevres (Arr 7) Metro: Sevres-Babylone.

  • Hediard

    Gourmet food store with a large selection of wines, tea and coffee, spices, jams, sweets, caviar, and take-out dishes. See website for all locations in Paris or visit 21 place de la Madeleine (Arr 8) Metro: Madeleine.

  • Huilerie Artisanale J Leblanc et Fils

    The Leblanc family has been in the oil production business for four generations. Many types including: hazelnut, walnut, pistachio and pecan. 6 rue Jacob (Arr 6) Metro: St Germain des Pres.

  • Kayser

    Bakeries that carry some organic products. 8 and 14 rue Monge (Arr 5) Metro: Maubert Mutualite

  • L’Art de Vivre aux Caraibes

    Shop selling specialities from the Caribbean (especially Guadeloupe and Martinique). Wide range of rums available. 20 rue de l’Abbe Gregoire (Arr 6). Metro: St Placide or Sevres Babylone.

  • L’Autre Boulanger

    Organic loaves baked in a wood-fired oven. 43 rue de Montreuil, (Arr 11) Metro: Nation

    • Tel: 01 43 72 86 04
  • La Cave de l'insolite

    "Wine Cellar of the unusual". Wide wine selection with artifacts from vineyards, gigantic fossils, and Japanese artwork! 30 rue de la Folie Mericourt. (Arr 11) Metro: St-Ambroise.

  • La Cave des Papilles

    Wide selection of wines grown and vinified with minimal use of chemical agents. 35 rue Daguerre (Arr 14). Metro: Denfert Rochereau.

  • La Derniere Goutte

    Large selection of Estate-bottled wines. Cote du Rhone, Languedoc-Roussillon and Loire Valley. Free tastings Saturday. American-owned store. Located at 6 rue Bourbon le Chateau (Arr 6) Metro: St-Germain-des-Pres.

  • La Ferme Saint Hubert

    All the cheeses of France, plateaux of cheese can be ordered for any event. Open Monday to Saturday 9:00-20:00. Galerie St-Didier, 16 rue des Belles Feuilles (Arr 16) Metro: Victor Hugo.

    • Tel: 01 47 27 28 79
  • La Maison des Millesimes

    Wine from Bordeaux-old and new millesimes. Chateau d'Yquem, Rothschildes and more. Open Monday-Saturday from 10:30-20:00, Sunday 11:00-19:30. 137 bd Saint-Germain (Arr 6) Metro: St-Germain-des-Pres.

  • La Patisserie Cyril Lignac

    This chef has opened two innovative pastry shops in Paris.

  • La Patisserie des Reves

    Modern patisserie that specializes in reinventing French pastry classics. Several locations including 93 rue du Bac (Arr 7). Metro: Sevres - Babylone

  • La Patisserie des Reves

    Modern patisserie that specializes in reinventing French pastry classics. Several locations including 93 rue du Bac (Arr 7). Metro: Sevres - Babylone

  • Laduree Bonaparte

    The latest Laduree tea-room and boutique offering macaroons, sweets, pastries and other desserts. Open from Monday to Saturday 8:30 to 19:30 and Sundays 10:00 to 19:30. At 21 rue Bonaparte (Arr 6) Metro: St Germain des Pres.

  • Laduree Royale

    Laduree, specialist in macaroons and a beautiful 19th century tea room with the original frescas. Close to Place de la Concorde. Reservations advised. 16 rue Royale (Arr 8) Metro: Concorde.

  • Le Boulanger de Monge

    Organic sourdough bread and baguettes. 123 rue Monge (Arr 5) Metro: Censier Daubenton

    • Tel: 01 43 37 54 20
  • Legrand Filles et Fils

    Old-fashioned shop offering fine wines and brandies, teas and bonbons. Housed within galerie Vivienne. Wine tastings on Thursdays. Open Mon-Fri from 11:00-19:00; Sat 10:00-19:00. Located at 1 rue de la Banque (Arr 2) Metro: Bourse.

    • Tel: 01 42 60 07 12
  • Lenotre

    Shops offer fine chocolates, and pastries. This location also has a restaurant and a kitchenware shop. See website for all Paris locations or visit 10 ave des Champs-Elysees (Arr 8) Metro: Champs Elysee Clemenceau

  • Les Delices du Faubourg

    Traditional French bakery near the Champs Elysees selling macaroons, pastries and chocolates. 180 rue du fbg St Honore (Arr 8) Metro: St Philippe du Roule

  • Les Ruchers du Roy

    Honey in all its forms as well as a large selection of beeswax and honey scented candles. 37 rue du Roi de Sicile (Arr 4) Metro: St-Paul

    • Tel: 01 42 72 02 96
  • Maison de la Truffe

    Speciality outlet for people who like everything from the Perigord, especially truffles. Other products from the same region: foie gras, confits and more also for sale. 19 place de la Madeleine (Arr:8). Metro: Madelaine.

  • Maison Ryst Dupeyron

    Founded in 1905, specialises in vintage wines and liqueurs. Family firm producing Armagnacs known for their high quality. At 79 rue du Bac (Arr 7) Metro: Rue du Bac

  • Marie-Anne Cantin

    Cheese specialist with about 130 to 150 different cheeses on display depending on the season. Open Monday to Saturday 8:30 to 19:30. At 12 rue du Champ de Mars (Arr 7) Metro: Ecole Militaire.

  • Mes Vignes

    Company offering vine adoption in three domains: Chateau Fourcas-Dupre (Bordeaux), Chateau de Chamilly (Bourgogne) and Domaine du Clos Roussely (Loire). One vine adopted = one bottle of wine. Varietry of workshops also available in French.

  • Nicolas Julhes

    Shop selling a wide range of high quality foods, wines and spirits. Open everyday. 54 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis (Arr 10). Metro: Strasbourg Saint Denis.

  • Pamaia

    Shop selling a wide range of Basque products including food, clothes and accessories. 7 rue de Vouille (Arr 15). Metro: Convention.

    • Tel: 01 40 43 04 25
  • Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki

    Classic French cakes and chocolates made using Japanese ingredients. 3 separate locations in Paris.

  • Petrossian

    Luxury goods: Beluga, Ossietre and Sevruga caviar, salmon, sturgeon, eel and smoked trout, salmon and cod eggs, truffles, fois gras, vegetable purees etc. Vodkas, wines and champagnes. At 18 bd de La Tour-Maubourg (Arr 7) Metro: La Tour Maubourg.

  • Pierre Oteiza

    Specialist food outlets selling products from the south west of France and the Basque area. Two locations in Paris at: 18 Boulevard Saint Michel (Arr 5) Metro Saint-Michel; and 13 Rue Vignon (Arr 8) Metro: Madeleine.

  • Pietrement-Lambret

    Specialties from the Lot region South West France: cassoulet campagnard, confit de canard. Free-range chickens and poultry from Bresse. Open Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00, Sat 9:00-12:30. 58 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Arr 1) Metro: Les Halles.

    • Tel: 01 42 33 30 50.
  • Poilane

    Bakery that bakes bread to a traditional, secret recipe. The bread is exported to specialist foodshops worldwide. 5 branches in Paris including, 8 rue du Cherche-Midi (Arr 6) Metro: Falgiere.

  • Publicis Drugstore

    Speciality store and bookshop where you can get anything you need at any time. Restaurant and cinemas too. Open till 02:00. At 133 ave des Champs Elysees (Arr 8) Metro: Charles de Gaulle Etoile

  • Spring Boutique

    Owned by Chicago born chef Daniel Rose, this niche boutique sells top quality seasonal food and wines. Tasting sessions every Thursday 17:00-21:00. 52 Rue de l'Arbre Sec (Arr 1). Metro: Louvre – Rivoli.

  • The House of Cheese

    The House of Cheese, owned by Marie Quatrehomme, "Best workman of France" is a temple of colors, flavours and savours. At 62 rue de Sevres (Arr 7) Metro: Sevres Babylone

    • Tel: 01 47 34 33 45
  • Wepler

    Oyster bar. Open daily until 01:00. At 14 place Clichy (Arr 9) Metro: Place Clichy

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